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Different ways to style a twist out

Sometimes I will wear my twist outs in a few different ways. I think my twist outs come out better when my twists are not all the way dry, after washing the day before. When I have an old twists out I do something different, and leave it for about a few days. But my twists out lasts for about a week or two if I feel like I want to keep it. So here are some pictures and styles I do for old and new twists outs.

  1. Puff and Bangs – I just parted my hair in the front, to make my bangs. Next, I took the rest of my hair and brushed it back to make a puff. Then, I did mini twists in the front and took it down after 5 minutes. Also separated the twist in the front to make my bangs look fuller.
  2. Two puffs- This is a style I do very often, and is my go to style. I part my hair down the middle, and try to make it as straight as I can. Pin up one side as I focus on the other side. I use my spray bottle and brush the hair up and use the hair tie to put it up. Then do the same thing to the other side and spray extra water on my puffs.
  3. Rolled twists and puff- I take my first style and use the bangs to make the rolled twists. I start to twist my bangs from the front in a rolling method, until I get to the end. Then do the next bang the same way, and use my bobby pin to pin the ends of the twists into the puff. And that’s all to it!
  4. The next style is just me taking my new twist down (twist out) after my wash day.

Wash Day

So I try to do my wash day at least every Sunday or Wednesday. Here is a step by step of what I do on my wash day!

  1.  Diy oil for a pre poo- This means I do an oil treatment before I use shampoo or conditioner.
  2. Separate hair- I put my hair into about 8 sections (4 on each side)
  3. Condition and Detangle- I work from back to front. So I take the back section and condition using the pray method.  Detangle from ends to roots with a big teeth comb. Once I finish I twist up that part and do the same process to the rest of my hair.
  4. Rinse- I rinse the conditioner out of my hair (sometimes about once a month I will deep condition after I rinse)
  5. Old T-shirt – Use the old T-shirt to dry my hair. Next I spray my twist with my spray bottle and use my leave in conditioner. Then I will wrap my hair up with my satin scarf.

Products used on my wash day

Second Year Products

Here are a list of products I use now in my second year of being natural.

Eden bodywork 

  • All Natural Curl Defining Creme $7.79 @ Walmart
  • Jojoba Monoi Oil $9.47 @ Walmart
  • Jojoba Monoi Leave – In Conditioner $7.79 @ WalmartEden BodyWorks Co WashScreenshot_2016-07-10-11-56-44


Shea Moisture

  • SheaMoisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie $3.99 @ Sally Beauty

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter $9.99 @ Walgreensshea moisture curl enhancing smoothie


  • Spectrum Coconut oil  $6 .84 @Walmart
  • Grapeseed oil $5.32 @Walmart

Eco Styler Gel 

  • Olive Oil 32oz $8.91 @Walmart


Mixed Chicks 

  • Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner
  • Curly Kids Hair Gel
  • Curly Kids Creme Conditioner

Suave Conditioner 

  • Coconut Naturals Conditioner $1.99 @ Target

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What I have learned so far


I have learned that my hair grows outward and then downward, meaning it will be thick before it grows downward. Having thick hair is hard sometimes, because it takes hours to do my hair. My wash days turn into hours of twisting and detangling.Just trying to put my hair into a puff is like getting a arm workout. So when I’m washing I section my hair into about 8 parts. Detangle each side, condition using the praying method to make sure each strand is moisturized. Then I wrap my old T-Shirt around my hair and use my big teeth comb, and start twisting using my spray bottle.




I learned that when I trim my hair every 5 months it grows faster. I get it trim every time I want to get my hair flat iron. Everytime I wash my hair after a flat iron, my hair texture changes. The first time I got a flat iron was for my high school homecoming dance, and it was about shoulder length. Later on when I washed my hair, I noticed my curls were looser than they were before. I only have gotten my hair flat iron   2 times in the whole 2 years I have been natural. My next flat iron will probably be in August, I suggest to get your hair flat iron every 5 months or so. I also learned that if you cut your hair into a shape it is easier to manage. So I have been thinking about cutting mines into a shape, so my hair isn’t all in my face.


My curls 

My curls are so different in all areas of my hair. For example, my curls in the back are more defined than my front and middle. My hair is easier to manage when it is wet, meaning I can braid, twist, and flat twist better when wet. Having thick hair is easy when wet, but when it drys it’s so hard for me to do. I also found out that my hair in the front has more movement than the rest of my hair. Meaning when I shake my hair the front moves more than the rest. Also that my front grows different than the rest, it grows downward.  I don’t like for my hair to be in my face all the time, so I will pin up the front. Lol.



Top 10 things you must have

So becoming natural you might not know what are somethings you must have. So here is a list of things every natural person must have.

  1. Spray bottle – helps to make sure you hair is moisturized and make sure to use daily
  2. Old shirt/ microfiber towel – very important when washing your hair, stops fizz and won’t dry out your hair after your wash.
  3. Clips – very important for when you are doing twists outs, or whatever you are doing. Helps you separate your hair to make sure you give each strand the love it needs. Very important when you are detangling 
  4. Wide teeth comb – Must use when you are detangling (Do not use a rat-tail comb for this process!!!! It will pull out more hair than is supported to). 
  5. Sulfate free products- If you like to shampoo your hair make sure to use a Sulfate Free shampoo. Because it won’t strip your hair of its natural oils, and it’s safe to use.
  6. Satin pillowcase – Make sure to go out and buy one of these because it won’t dry out your hair, if you choose to not wrap it up. Or buy a satin bonnet, keeps hair from getting dry and causing fiction (which can break hair off).
  7. Oil – If you don’t have Coconut oil, I high suggest you do! Oil is your best friend and you can’t live without it.
  8. ECO styler gel – Keeps hair in place when doing puffs or whatever style you do. This is not to be used as edge control. You can use this when doing a wash and go to help make you curls more defined.
  9. Denman brush – This is your best friend when detangling, use with the wide teeth comb!!!!!
  10. A good conditioner – This is important to me because I use conditioner instead of shampoo, and I have to make sure it has a good slip. That means I can easily comb though it when I’m detangling.

The Big Chop

So before I transitioned over to the natural side I didn’t get a relaxer for about 5 months and thought that I would just keep it up. But it would have taken me a long time to just grow the relaxer out, so I thought let me try to cut relaxer out the back and see what I wanted to do. When I tell y’all that every time I would flat-iron my hair it would puff-up, because the back wouldn’t flat-iron right. My hair was past my shoulder and I didn’t want to cut it all off, so I got braids to see if that would help speed up the process. But it didn’t, so I made the brave decision to do THE BIG CHOP. After that I had to find things that would work for my hair, I tried everything from Miss Jessie’s to Shea Moisture. I tried tea tree oil in my water bottle and really everything to be honest. Some products left flakes, my hair too oily, dry, and I got somewhat confused. Until I Aunt Jackie’s products at dollar general, and it was my far the best hair product to start off with. Then came along Au Naturale hair products by Dark and Lovely and then Cantu coconut curling cream. I fell in love with all products Cantu and  is great to start off with. But just use whatever you feel is good for you, but I really think Cantu is the best to start off with though put your whole transition process for the first year. After your first year your hair type will change and you can use and try other products.

I hope this helps you guys!!!!!


Jada Nicole



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First Year Products

So here is a list of products I think is great for transitioning in your first year of going Natural.

Au Naturale by Dark and Lovely (Anti-Shrinkage)

  •  Curl Defining Crème Glaze $9.99075285007594
  • Coil Moisturizing Soufflè  $9.99

Can buy for 9.99 @ Walgreen’s or anywhere

Cantu Beauty (Shea butter)

  • Leave- In Conditioning Repair Cream
  • Coconut Curling Cream
  • Deep Treatment Masque (also use the intensive repair masque)
  • Oil Sheen Deep Conditioning Spray

All under $7 @ Walgreen’s , Walmart, Sally Beauty

Coconut oil  (Very Important) (Smells amazing and helps hair growth) (Dryness) Can buy anywhere

Tea Tree oil   (Helps with Dryness) Can buy anywhere

Jamaican black castor oil   (Very Important) (Hair growth) Can buy anywhere


The Spray Bottle

Having a spray bottle is very important in my opinion and everyone should have one. But you might not know what to include inside it, and probably just put water and that’s it. But the truth is that you need more than just water, so here is a list of things you need. Also I will list what is currently in my spray bottle!!!!! – Jada Nicole

Must haves in your spray bottle

  1. Water – it’s one of those must haves that your natural hair needs.
  2. Oil- oils are very important to your hair and can help with dryness (Coconut, Argan, Jamaican black castor, Jojoba, Grapeseed,  & Avocado,
  3. A conditioner or creme product of your choice-  this helps keep hair moisturize in my opinion

So this is basically the L.O.C. Method inside of a spray bottle.

What’s in my spray bottle?

  1. Water- of course (I fill the bottle up about half way)
  2. Monoi oil organic root – I use about 3 drops
  3. Shea Moisture  curl enhancing smoothie- I use about 3 to 4 finger scoops

I use the smoothie because it keeps my hair soft and moisturized, and I sometimes  use my spray bottle to do twisted outs without any thing else.  ors-monoi-oil-anti-breakage-oil-fusion-2-oz-3



I also use Monoi’s edge control too, and it’s better to me than the argan oil by creme of nature. And it smells so good. 





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