Sometimes I will wear my twist outs in a few different ways. I think my twist outs come out better when my twists are not all the way dry, after washing the day before. When I have an old twists out I do something different, and leave it for about a few days. But my twists out lasts for about a week or two if I feel like I want to keep it. So here are some pictures and styles I do for old and new twists outs.

  1. Puff and Bangs – I just parted my hair in the front, to make my bangs. Next, I took the rest of my hair and brushed it back to make a puff. Then, I did mini twists in the front and took it down after 5 minutes. Also separated the twist in the front to make my bangs look fuller.
  2. Two puffs- This is a style I do very often, and is my go to style. I part my hair down the middle, and try to make it as straight as I can. Pin up one side as I focus on the other side. I use my spray bottle and brush the hair up and use the hair tie to put it up. Then do the same thing to the other side and spray extra water on my puffs.
  3. Rolled twists and puff- I take my first style and use the bangs to make the rolled twists. I start to twist my bangs from the front in a rolling method, until I get to the end. Then do the next bang the same way, and use my bobby pin to pin the ends of the twists into the puff. And that’s all to it!
  4. The next style is just me taking my new twist down (twist out) after my wash day.