I have learned that my hair grows outward and then downward, meaning it will be thick before it grows downward. Having thick hair is hard sometimes, because it takes hours to do my hair. My wash days turn into hours of twisting and detangling.Just trying to put my hair into a puff is like getting a arm workout. So when I’m washing I section my hair into about 8 parts. Detangle each side, condition using the praying method to make sure each strand is moisturized. Then I wrap my old T-Shirt around my hair and use my big teeth comb, and start twisting using my spray bottle.




I learned that when I trim my hair every 5 months it grows faster. I get it trim every time I want to get my hair flat iron. Everytime I wash my hair after a flat iron, my hair texture changes. The first time I got a flat iron was for my high school homecoming dance, and it was about shoulder length. Later on when I washed my hair, I noticed my curls were looser than they were before. I only have gotten my hair flat iron   2 times in the whole 2 years I have been natural. My next flat iron will probably be in August, I suggest to get your hair flat iron every 5 months or so. I also learned that if you cut your hair into a shape it is easier to manage. So I have been thinking about cutting mines into a shape, so my hair isn’t all in my face.


My curls 

My curls are so different in all areas of my hair. For example, my curls in the back are more defined than my front and middle. My hair is easier to manage when it is wet, meaning I can braid, twist, and flat twist better when wet. Having thick hair is easy when wet, but when it drys it’s so hard for me to do. I also found out that my hair in the front has more movement than the rest of my hair. Meaning when I shake my hair the front moves more than the rest. Also that my front grows different than the rest, it grows downward.  I don’t like for my hair to be in my face all the time, so I will pin up the front. Lol.