So I try to do my wash day at least every Sunday or Wednesday. Here is a step by step of what I do on my wash day!

  1.  Diy oil for a pre poo- This means I do an oil treatment before I use shampoo or conditioner.
  2. Separate hair- I put my hair into about 8 sections (4 on each side)
  3. Condition and Detangle- I work from back to front. So I take the back section and condition using the pray method.  Detangle from ends to roots with a big teeth comb. Once I finish I twist up that part and do the same process to the rest of my hair.
  4. Rinse- I rinse the conditioner out of my hair (sometimes about once a month I will deep condition after I rinse)
  5. Old T-shirt – Use the old T-shirt to dry my hair. Next I spray my twist with my spray bottle and use my leave in conditioner. Then I will wrap my hair up with my satin scarf.

Products used on my wash day