So becoming natural you might not know what are somethings you must have. So here is a list of things every natural person must have.

  1. Spray bottle – helps to make sure you hair is moisturized and make sure to use daily
  2. Old shirt/ microfiber towel – very important when washing your hair, stops fizz and won’t dry out your hair after your wash.
  3. Clips – very important for when you are doing twists outs, or whatever you are doing. Helps you separate your hair to make sure you give each strand the love it needs. Very important when you are detangling 
  4. Wide teeth comb – Must use when you are detangling (Do not use a rat-tail comb for this process!!!! It will pull out more hair than is supported to). 
  5. Sulfate free products- If you like to shampoo your hair make sure to use a Sulfate Free shampoo. Because it won’t strip your hair of its natural oils, and it’s safe to use.
  6. Satin pillowcase – Make sure to go out and buy one of these because it won’t dry out your hair, if you choose to not wrap it up. Or buy a satin bonnet, keeps hair from getting dry and causing fiction (which can break hair off).
  7. Oil – If you don’t have Coconut oil, I high suggest you do! Oil is your best friend and you can’t live without it.
  8. ECO styler gel – Keeps hair in place when doing puffs or whatever style you do. This is not to be used as edge control. You can use this when doing a wash and go to help make you curls more defined.
  9. Denman brush – This is your best friend when detangling, use with the wide teeth comb!!!!!
  10. A good conditioner – This is important to me because I use conditioner instead of shampoo, and I have to make sure it has a good slip. That means I can easily comb though it when I’m detangling.