So before I transitioned over to the natural side I didn’t get a relaxer for about 5 months and thought that I would just keep it up. But it would have taken me a long time to just grow the relaxer out, so I thought let me try to cut relaxer out the back and see what I wanted to do. When I tell y’all that every time I would flat-iron my hair it would puff-up, because the back wouldn’t flat-iron right. My hair was past my shoulder and I didn’t want to cut it all off, so I got braids to see if that would help speed up the process. But it didn’t, so I made the brave decision to do THE BIG CHOP. After that I had to find things that would work for my hair, I tried everything from Miss Jessie’s to Shea Moisture. I tried tea tree oil in my water bottle and really everything to be honest. Some products left flakes, my hair too oily, dry, and I got somewhat confused. Until I Aunt Jackie’s products at dollar general, and it was my far the best hair product to start off with. Then came along Au Naturale hair products by Dark and Lovely and then Cantu coconut curling cream. I fell in love with all products Cantu and  is great to start off with. But just use whatever you feel is good for you, but I really think Cantu is the best to start off with though put your whole transition process for the first year. After your first year your hair type will change and you can use and try other products.

I hope this helps you guys!!!!!


Jada Nicole